What can AutoFry and MultiChef do for your Kiosk?

Kiosks are one of the fastest growing segments of the quick serve industry, and the reason is simple, people want food fast and they want to it be fresh and tasty.  Furthermore, startup costs are low and return on investment is high, so for operators kiosks are the perfect platform for selling food.  However, generally speaking hoods and venting are not available for kiosks, which is why the AutoFry and MultiChef are perfect companions to the kiosk industry.

How does AutoFry and MultiChef Fit in?

As a kiosk operator, your main goal is to supply the customer with hot and fresh product in the fastest amount of time possible. The easiest, most cost-effective way to implement a profitable hot food program is with the ventless cooking technology AutoFry and MultiChef delivers. Because both machines are fully enclosed and ventless, you don’t need to spend money on costly renovations to add hoods or venting, all you need is counter or floor space and a plug and you’re ready to go.

Moreover, deep frying and high speed cooking, give you the speed you need to satisfy the customers need for speed. Given that both machines are portable as well, you are able to relocate them should you need. Best of all, customers love watching the product in action, seeing hot product come out of the exit chute can be part of the user experience and add to the fun of your kiosk or booth.

Notes & Quotes from Satisfied Equipment Users:

French Fry Heaven

“Early on we used a competitor model in 2 units and we stopped after six months of operations. We went away from the competitor units for several reasons – from repetitive mechanical issues and breakdowns, to software issues, to nonuser friendliness, to poor recovery times and lack of heating capacity, to vendor relations. The Auto Fry platform coupled with a very diligent, educated and very cooperative staff at MTI, has provided just the avenue we were looking for to be the driver for our business model. The flexibility and attention to our brand gave us the opportunity to create some custom options for our own units, create proprietary packages for all our units and brand our units with company logos.

We have been with MTI – AutoFry for well over a year now and have rolled out over 30 AutoFry units. Each and every unit has exceeded expectations and continue to give me confidence as we grow our brand that we can continue to meet guest speed of service expectations as well. In closure, shifting to the AutoFry is the single most important and best decision I made to improve our brand and overall operating model. It single handedly is the driver for our entire system and proves it day in and day out.” – Tony Tomsic, Director of Operations, French Fry Heaven, (Featured Image)

French Fry Heaven with AutoFry

Sample Kiosk Food Menu:

Hamburger and Fries ($.98 / $3.97)
Juicy angus 1/4lb burger cooked to perfection with a side of delicious French fries $4.95

Deep Fried Hot Dogs ($.46 cost / $3.49 profit)
One golden brown dog with a side of delicious French fries $3.95

French Fries ($.12 cost / $1.57 profit)
Heaping plate full of delicious deep fried 
French fries $1.69

Sausage, Peppers and Onion Sub Roll ($2.65 cost / $4.30 profit)
A toasted sub roll stuffed with a healthy portion of sausage, peppers and onions $6.95

Cinnamon Covered Fresh Hot Pretzel ($.46 cost / $2.49 profit)
One soft cinnamon sugar pretzel served with a side of frosting $2.95

Oversized Double Chocolate Chunk Chip Cookie ($.45 cost / $2.50 profit)
One delicious, hot and fresh from the oven, oversized chocolate chip cookie with double the chocolate chunks you crave $2.95