What can AutoFry and MultiChef do for your Food Truck?

The food truck industry has seen extraordinary growth over the past five years as consumers are favoring unique, gourmet cuisine at a budget-friendly price.  A report by the National Restaurant Association estimates that food trucks generate $650 million in annual revenue and Intuit Inc. forecasts that food trucks will be a $2.7 billion national industry by 2017.  With low startup costs, free social media promotion, and the ability to move to where the demand is, food trucks are on the rise and here to stay.

How does AutoFry and MultiChef Fit in?

Food trucks are a fun and exciting environment to operate in, providing the customer with delicious food on the go in a quick serve environment that is conducive to fairs, festivals and even lunch breaks. The easiest, most cost-effective method to implement a profitable food service program in your food truck is with the ventless, hoodless kitchen technology AutoFry and MultiChef delivers.

Because both the AutoFry and MultiChef are self contained, ventless units, they easily fit into a food truck’s operation with no installation cost, all you need is counter or floor space and a plug and you’re ready to go. Moreover, each machine can cook a wide variety of foods, which gives food truck operators the freedom to change up their menu as they see fit. From fries to pizza to gourmet pot pies, our innovative cooking products can assist any food truck operator in providing their customers with quality food in minimal time.

Frites Food Truck

Sample Food Truck Menu:

Cordon Bleu Slider ($1.26 cost / $2.69 profit)
A mini cordon bleu on a bun includes fried chicken, ham and baby Swiss on a toasted bun $3.95

Savory Sriracha Chicken Lettuce Wraps ($1.67 cost / $3.82 profit)
Two crisp lettuce cups filled with juicy sriracha chicken, mushrooms, onions and water chestnuts $5.49

Buffalo Bleu Pizza ($2.05 cost / $4.90 profit)
Personal sized pizza covered in spicy buffalo chicken and blue cheese $6.95

Bacon Cheese Burger ($2.69 cost / $4.26 profit)
Juicy angus 1/4lb burger cooked to perfection topped with thick cut bacon and cheddar cheese $6.95

Onion Rings ($.70 cost / $2.55 profit)
Basket full of thick sliced O-rings double dipped in batter $3.25

French Fries ($.12 cost / $1.57 profit)
Heaping plate full of delicious deep fried French fries $1.69