What can AutoFry and MultiChef do for your Attraction?

When done right, food and beverage can supply the second largest stream of revenue for an attraction.  The key is optimizing your offerings to meet the needs of your guests while driving up the price to a reasonable extent.  Guests are looking for an all in one fun day, from the actual attraction to the gift shop all the way to the food, everything can and should be contained in your location.  Moreover, food and beverage is one area that can be leveraged for all three day parts, making it more profitable than ever.

How does AutoFry and MultiChef Fit in?

The key to successful food and beverage sales is determining what facilities and equipment your attraction will require and matching that with the equipment that meets your budget line. The easiest, most cost-effective way to start a profitable food program within an attraction is with the ventless kitchen technology the AutoFry and MultiChef delivers. From French fries to full pizza pies you can serve up fresh food fast and keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Because both of our innovative machines are ventless, you don’t need to spend money on costly renovations to add hoods or venting, all you need is counter or floor space and a plug and you’re ready to go. Additionally, since you control the food and beverage market within your attraction you can also drive the prices to a reasonable extent. This means more profit per unit sold, and ultimately a higher return on investment in a shorter span of time. Plus, with our rebate partnerships, you’ll get over $2,000 in food rebates to help start up your food program, helping to offset your initial cost to purchase the equipment.

For more information on adding a food menu to your attraction to increase revenue, download our FREE white paper which is jam packed with menu ideas, business strategy and more! Or if you’re just starting your research try our single page starter guide, also available for free download.

Notes & Quotes from Satisfied Equipment Users:

United Skates of American

“We bought our first AutoFry three years ago and within two months, due to demand bought a second unit for our Family Fun Center.  The AutoFry doubled our menu offerings, increased our customer yield by $.35 cents and helped change our customer’s image of our concession to more full service.  We’re now looking at our third AutoFry unit. Couldn’t be happier.” 
- Dan Wortman United Skates of America, Rumford, RI

Skate Zone

“The AutoFry has increased our business tremendously. The machine is user friendly, safe and it was easy for me to train my staff. During our busy summer months we average 180lb of French Fries per week. I would recommend the AutoFry to any business looking to expand their menu with fried food items. ” – Robert Sherman, Owner Skate Zone, Crofton MD

Sample Attraction Food Menu:

Cheeseburger and Fries ($1.28 cost / $6.67 profit)
Juicy Angus 1/4 lb burger cooked to perfection with fries $7.95

Crispy Fried Mozzarella Sticks ($1.50 cost / $3.99 profit)
Seven perfectly fried mozzarella sticks served with a side of marinara $5.49

Chicken Combo ($2.40 cost / $5.45 profit)
Five chicken tenders with a side of delicious French fries $7.95

Buffalo Wings ($2.80 cost / $4.45 profit)
Seven tender chicken wings dripping in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce $7.25

Fish n Chips ($2.05 cost / $5.94 profit)
7oz Fillet of Haddock, beer battered, served with a side of fries $7.99

French Fries ($.12 cost / $2.57 profit)
Heaping plate full of delicious deep fried French fries $2.69

Onion Rings ($.70 cost / $2.55 profit)
Basket full of thick sliced O-rings double dipped in batter $3.25