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Q: What makes your equipment ventless?

A: Our AutoFry has an internal venting system that contains a charcoal and mesh filter. The AutoFry meets the UL 710B International Mechanical Code. For best performance, we recommend the charcoal filter be changed every 3 months and the mesh be changed every 6 months. The MultiChef is both UL and NSF listed and has been engineered to operate safely without a hood or ventilation system. The MultiChef has been tested and approved by UL and conforms to the ventilation requirements set forth by NFPA96 using EPA202 test method.


Q: Where can I buy your equipment?

A: Our equipment is sold all over the globe with a number of purchase options including leasing. For more information on purchasing a machine in the US or Canada click here. For more information on purchasing a machine internationally, click here.


Q: Where can I get assistance with machine troubleshooting?

A: We have a number of online resources, from our AutoFry troubleshooting guide to our step by step video tutorials. If you still need assistance, feel free to submit a service request form or call 800-348-2976.