What can AutoFry and MultiChef do for you?

Our line of ventless commercial kitchen equipment is the perfect addition to any kitchen. From restaurants to bars to food trucks and movie theaters, the AutoFry and MultiChef are versatile enough to work in just about any industry. We are proud to share that our innovative kitchen products are found in a wide variety of applications, including some unexpected locations like car dealerships, mall kiosks and even on college campuses.

With each model being fully enclosed and fully automated, the AutoFry is the perfect solution for users looking to add deep fried items to their menu without spending a small fortune on hood and vent installation.

AutoFry, the s the leader in ventless, fully-enclosed and automated commercial deep frying technology.
MultiChef, the high speed/rapid cook oven cuts cooking time by up-to 75%, all without the use of microwaves.

In addition to our line of innovative deep fryers, we also have two ventless high speed ovens, perfect for rounding out your food menu. The MultiChef oven line is fully enclosed and capable of cooking, browning, baking, toasting, siring and reheating. With such a wide variety of applications, it’s no wonder the MultiChef is the perfect companion to the AutoFry.

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