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Product Specifications

Our wide range of ventless deep fryers and high speed ovens, can meet just about any kitchen needs, from mom and pop shops to large chains. Download our product spec sheets to get a better idea of what each machine can offer you!



For your convenience, we’ve produced a large array of helpful videos. From our easy product set ups, technical support, recipes and even customer testimonials, we’ve got a video for just about everything. Click here to see our full collection of videos.

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White Papers

We have numerous tutorials and how-to guides for free download, but none are as thorough and informative as our white papers. Click here for a full list of white papers available for each industry.

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Our ventless deep fryers and high speed ovens are versatile enough to fit just about any industry. Click here to visit our industry focused page, where you’ll find unique  industry application ideas, sample menu items and industry specific success stories!

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Menu Ideas

We understand that sometimes coming up with a menu can be a challenge. In light of that, we’ve created seven industry specific menus, that you can prepare using just AutoFry and MultiChef, for you to integrate into your own plans. Click here to check out our menu ideas!

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Cooking Applications

When we invite you to join the ventless revolution, we mean it. Did you know you can cook without vents for just about any method of cooking? Fry, bake, sear, toast, the list goes on… Learn more about all of our ventless cooking methods by clicking here!

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Need recipe inspiration? We’ve round up some of the tastiest recipes for your ventless deep fryer, AutoFry, and high speed oven, MultiChef. Each recipe is specific to our equipment and can be used in a variety of foodservice applications. Click here to see our recipes.

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Cleaning Guides

Keeping your ventless fryer or oven clean is an important step in a regular maintenance schedule that will help you keep your machine running for years to come. Click here to download our easy to follow, step-by-step, pictorial cleaning guides.

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Fry Oil Education

Fry oil is a critical component in the quality of your food output and the condition of your equipment over time. Click here to learn all about Fry Oil – from the best types of oil for frying, to basic maintenance tips, we cover all the bases in our Fry Oil Education segment.