Happy 25th Anniversary to Motion Technology, Inc. Celebrating 25 years of Ventless Kitchen Solutions.2015 is an exciting year for MTI as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. As a leader in high-performance ventless kitchen solutions since 1990, we are so proud of this achievement. We are so thankful for the relationships we have forged over the past 25 years and feel privileged to work with so many amazing people every day.

AutoFry has earned the reputation as the leader in Ventless, Fully-Enclosed and Automated Deep Frying technology. Motion Technology, Inc (MTI) first introduced the AutoFry Model FFG-10 in the spring of 1990, and hasn't looked back.
MTI introduced the MultiChef oven in August, 2006. This high speed / rapid cook oven will cut your cooking time by up-to 75%, all without the use of microwaves. This high speed cooking platform can toast, bake, broil, steam, grill and fry without oil.
The BRAND NEW AutoFilter oil filtration system is easy to use and effective! Simply place the AutoFilter unit in your oil pot and press the start button. Because the AutoFilter can be placed into your oil pots, you no longer have to transfer oil to an external filtering unit, saving you time and reducing the potential for kitchen accidents.