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Lessons From IAAPA: Foodservice for Attractions

Foodservice for Attractions

As we wrap up another exciting week at the IAAPA Attractions expo, there are many lessons to be learned from such a huge show. For attractions, the big message we continue to hear from both industry experts and press alike, is that the WHOLE experience matters. When you consider how many options each patron has for their entertainment, you have to know that standing out comes down to experience. Your guests want an experience they can remember for a lifetime, something to take pictures of, post and tweet about, something to share with friends. This is something you need to attack from start to finish, from parking to payment – each touch point you have with your guests should offer them a unique experience, of course this rings especially true for foodservice. When it comes to foodservice for attractions, the experience must be convenient, fresh and memorable. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of that, we’ve round up our best blogs highlighting strategies of foodservice for attractions. Dive in, take a look, and as always, enjoy the experience!

The Updated MultiChef Recipe Guide: Where Speed Meets Ease

Making a Menu with MultiChef

In today’s blog, you’ll see the MultiChef advantage as we walk you through the recipe building process. Making your menu high speed shouldn’t be difficult, our comprehensive guide will give you an overview of the variables that go into high speed cooking so you can make the best choices when adding new menu items to your line up. PLUS we’ll get you started on the right foot with a brand new MultiChef Recipe Guide, jam packed with over 50 recipes!

Cooking in MultiChef | Three Meals in Seven Minutes

Cooking in MultiChef | Three Meals in Seven Minutes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with over a third of all Americans eating breakfast away from home, it should also be an important strategy in your foodservice plan. Cooking in MultiChef oven is easy and makes breakfast simple for both operators and customers. Best of all, because cooking in MultiChef requires no microwaves you can prepare multiple meal options at the same time. This allows for speedier service without ever sacrificing food quality. Today we have a quick video time-lapse that shows how you can prepare three breakfast menu items in MultiChef all at the same time!

Seven Dipping Sauces that Will Take Any Dish to the Next Level

Dipping Sauce CountdownStarters, small plates, appetizers, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, tapas… call them what you want, but small portions of sharable finger-foods are an MTI staple. With AutoFry, ventless fryer, and MultiChef, high speed oven, we are big fans of appetizers and you can’t have finger food without some sort of dipping sauce. True, a French fry, chicken tender or onion ring tastes great on its own, but pair it with the right dipping sauce and you elevate your dish to the next level AND separate yourself from the overpopulated foodservice crowd. So with that in mind, today we provide you with seven delicious dipping sauces that pair well with just about any appetizer.

MultiChef Recipe: Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwhich

Chicken Bacon Ranch RecipeWorking for an Motion Technology, the maker of the Autofry, the leading ventless deep fryer for over 25 years, people always say to me, “I bet you eat fried food all the time, right?!” And the honest answer is no! While we do cook in office, it’s usually while testing new products or trends in our kitchen and showroom, and that’s limited (usually!) to just a taste. But the recipe I have for you today, I have to be honest, I would eat every day. It’s not fried, in fact it was prepared in under 5 minutes in our MultiChef high speed oven, and folks – it’s delicious. The delightful, classic Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich has always been one of my favorites, and when you can make it in less time than it takes to listen to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, it instantly becomes an all-star at the MTI café. So today, I’ll share with you our easy Chicken Bacon Ranch recipe and a few MultiChef cooking tips along the way, so you can cook with confidence.

MultiChef Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Nacho Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Nacho Recipe for MultiChef High Speed Oven

[ WARNING: Extremely corny joke ahead ] What kind of cheese is never yours? . . . Nacho Cheese. And that, my friends, was a horrible segue into this week’s blog which features a delicious nacho recipe, perfect for your MultiChef, high speed oven. Why start with a joke? Because nachos are fun, and so are bad jokes, and now you have some new ammunition the next time your seven-year-old nephew wants to throw some knock-knock jokes your way. So in honor of everyone’s favorite shareable appetizer, let’s dive right in to this delicious nacho recipes featuring two of our rebate partners, Brakebush Chicken and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

7 MORE Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

All you need is french fries

7 MORE Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

A little over one year ago we put together a delicious list of seven French fry recipes that were over the top, spanning from sweet to savory to super salty! Since then, that post has had over one thousand views, and been retweeted all across the French fry nation. So we’re headed back to the fryer for seven MORE over the top French fry recipes in this week’s blog! This time we’re focused on recipes with geographical ties, so by the end of this blog it will feel like you’ve traveled the French fry world!

Celebrating National Hamburger Month with Hamburger History

Hamburger History - How it came to be and a hamburger recipe for AutoFry

The almighty hamburger, when cooked just right, is juicy, packed with flavor, and easy to eat. Which is no wonder why it’s one of America’s favorite foods and we devote an entire month to it! That’s right, May is National Hamburger Month, and while we’re not exactly sure why burgers need a whole month long celebration, we’re certainly not upset about it! So today, let’s look at some hamburger history, how burgers grew to American fame and at the end of the post we’ll give you the recipe for preparing burgers with your AutoFry. “Wait, AutoFry can make burgers?!” Why yes, yes it can! So read on my friends, this is bound to be a tasty blog!

Crafting an AutoFry Menu: One piece of equipment for a full menu

Creating an AutoFry Menu

A common question we’re asked at trade shows and events is “what can AutoFry make?” The simple answer is AutoFry can prepare anything that a traditional fryer can produce without the hassle of having to manually fry it all. But today we’re taking that question a step further and preparing a full menu using only the AutoFry as the main form of food production. Our AutoFry menu includes a full range of delicious meals, appetizers and even desserts, and is available for download at the end of this post! So dive in to our full menu breakdown and start adopting some of these menu items into your line up!

MultiChef Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings

MultiChef Baked Wing Recipe

Quite often we talk about AutoFry being the King of Chicken Wings, but did you know that MultiChef can also produce delicious baked chicken wings in under ten minutes? The difference between fried and baked chicken wings is huge in terms of crunch, speed, and perceived health benefits. So today we step back from the deep fryer and crown the MultiChef, high speed oven, the unofficial King of Baked Chicken Wings. There is of course some finesse when it comes to making the tastiest wings in town, so tie on those aprons, preheat your MultiChef and lets dive into this week’s recipe. We’re making deliciously sweet, Sticky Maple Soy Baked Chicken Wings, a recipe straight from my own kitchen, modified for the high speed baking power of the MultiChef oven.