Receive up to $250 in BOGO cash back rebates from Golden Dipt

··· HOW TO CASH IN ···

1. Purchase/lease an Autofry, the only fully-enclosed automated, deep-frying system on the market today or the MultiChef, the ultimate all-in-one cooking system that cuts cooking time up to 80%.

2. Get $250 in BOGO cash back rebate coupons from Golden Dipt.

3. Order two cases of the same Golden Dipt Product from the included items described to the right from your local foodservice distributor.

4. Send proof of purchase along with rebate coupon to receive refund on the purchase price of the second coating item.


Golden Dipt LogoStart cooking up delicious treats with your new equipment and the Golden Dipt BOGO cash back rebate! You’ll save up to $250 with Golden Dipt BOGO cash back rebate coupons, good towards the purchase of dips, batters and coatings!

Apply your Golden Dipt rebate coupons to purchases of the following products:

Golden Dipt Pre-dip Batters – Pre-dip Batter mix – Egg and Milk Replacement and Buttermilk Pre-dip Batter mix-Egg & Buttermilk Replacement.

Golden Dipt Bread Crumbs – Panko Japanese Bread Crumbs in Coarse, Fine, Extra Coarse, Premium, and West Coast Style, Gourmet Coating Crumbs, Bread Crumbs Plain, Bread Crumbs Seasoned and American Bread Crumbs.

Golden Dipt Specialty Coatings – Jalepeno Breader, Chile Lime Batter Mix, Tropical Rum Coconut Breading, Tropical Rum Coconut Batter Mix, Imperial Tempura Batter Mix, Cantonese Batter/Breader, Tempura Batter Mix – with Rice Flour, Zesty Batter/Breader, and the New and Improved Bakable Breader.

Golden Dipt Multi-Purpose Coatings – All Purpose Breading – Fully Seasoned. Redi-Breader, All Purpose – Lightly Seasoned, Matzoh Meal, All Purpose Batter – Crispy Fry Redi Breader (No Milk) and Breader – Mild, Slightly Granular.

Golden Dipt Poultry Coatings – Crispy Seasoned Chicken Fry, Chicken Fry, Dustless Breader, Deluxed Chicken Breader, Chicken Breader – High Seasoned, Chicken Breader, Chicken Coater, Chicken Coating, Chicken Fried Steak Breader, Chicken Breader – Red Color, Spicy, Poultry Pressure Fry mix, Hot’n Spicy Chicken Fry and Temp BTR for Raw Chicken.

Golden Dipt Fish & Seafood Coatings – Fish ‘n Chips – English Style Batter, Fish ‘n Chips – Traditional, Fish & Vegetable Batter Mix, Old South Fish Fry meal, Beer Batter Complete, Clam Fry – New England Style, Clam Fry Breader, Crispy Seafood Breader, Seafood Breader.

Golden Dipt Other Mixes – Hush Puppy Mix with Onion and Chicken Marinade Mix.

Golden Dipt Griddle & Bakery Mixes – Complete Pancake & Waffle, Belgian Waffle, Buttermilk Pancake, Deluxe Pancake Base, Pancake Base, Egg Pancake, Deluxe Egg Pancake, Pancake, Potato Pancake Mix Complete, and Pancake House Pancake.

Golden Dipt Donut & Muffin Mixes – Double M Cake Donut, Cake Donut, Deluxe Corn Muffin, Corn Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, and Bran Muffin – Dark.

Golden Dipt Biscuit & Specialty Mixes – Funnel Cake Mix, Vanilla Cone Mix and Buttermilk Biscuit.

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Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible Chicken Pre DIp
Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible Funnel Cake Mix
Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible Panko Breading
Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible FIsh Coating
Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible Donut Batter
Golden Dipt Rebate Eligible Chicken Coating