Celebrating National Hamburger Month with Hamburger History

Hamburger History - How it came to be and a hamburger recipe for AutoFry

The almighty hamburger, when cooked just right, is juicy, packed with flavor, and easy to eat. Which is no wonder why it’s one of America’s favorite foods and we devote an entire month to it! That’s right, May is National Hamburger Month, and while we’re not exactly sure why burgers need a whole month long celebration, we’re certainly not upset about it! So today, let’s look at some hamburger history, how burgers grew to American fame and at the end of the post we’ll give you the recipe for preparing burgers with your AutoFry. “Wait, AutoFry can make burgers?!” Why yes, yes it can! So read on my friends, this is bound to be a tasty blog!

MTI Quiz | What's your Fry Style?

What's Your Fry Style?

Take our quick quiz to determine your ideal fry style! Fries are what makes the world go round… no wait, that’s love. But people love fries so it’s kind of the same thing. What makes fries so ubiquitous? It’s their ability to transform plates from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Fries are great plain but they also provide an excellent canvas for all types of additional flavors. With that in mind, we scoured the web for the best of the best recipes and came up with a quick quiz for you to determine your ideal fry style. So sit down, follow the questions and lead yourself to a delectable finish line!

Rebate Partner Spotlight: Golden Dipt

Golden Dipt BannerMake it fresh. Make it yours. Make it Golden Dipt. There is something to be said about a crisp, fresh fried, tasty morsel of chicken. Not that frozen chicken tenders are something to complain about, but trends are increasingly in favor of fresh made, never frozen foods. This year alone the Nation’s Restaurant News published two pro-fresh frying articles (found here and here), saying, “this is not a fad, it’s a trend. It will continue to have staying power.” Which is why we knew we had to find a suitable partner to make AutoFrying fresh food simple and easy to complete. So without further ado, let’s meet our newest rebate partner: Golden Dipt.

Offering More than Convenience: The Benefits of Adding Food Service to Your C-Store

C-Store White Paper Header

Convenience stores are built around the idea that consumers want a fast and easy method for purchasing items throughout the day. For years, c-stores have relied on gas and tobacco sales to keep their business profitable. But with cigarette smoking at an all-time low and gas prices maintaining a reasonable cost per gallon, operators are now looking at other cost-effective options for increasing revenue. Internal store sales are helpful, but products often have low profit margins, resulting in minimal profitability. Instead, c-store owners and operators are turning to a low cost, lucrative method for increased revenue: c-store food service.

Food service is the perfect fit for convenience stores of any size. From large chain units to mom and pop shops, most can benefit from adding some hot and ready food items to their menu. In fact, according to a report from NACS, in 2011 convenience stores saw a 13 percent increase in the sale of prepared foods. After cigarettes, food service accounts for the largest percent of in-store sales and surpasses cigarettes in overall gross margin dollars. And, CSP reports that from 2011 forward, food service has continued to grow anywhere from 1-3% each year.

Many c-store operators recognize that an effective food service program can increase revenue and also increase new customers as well as customer return rates. But new research suggests that these programs are vital for creating competitive points of differentiation in today’s hyper-competitive world.

Today we plan to highlight the benefits and challenges to implementing a food service program to an existing convenience store operation. From there we will give you some strategies to make the program a success and ideas for promotion of your new program. We hope by the end of this guide you will be well informed on your options and equipped to make the leap into the food service arena.

AutoFry in Action: French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven Recipe - AutoFry in action blogWhen a shop opens and titles themselves French Fry Heaven, they have to be absolutely sure that their product is indeed the best thing you’ve ever tasted.  Because the solid fact is that if it isn’t, consumers will definitely let them know, and furthermore, that business won’t be open for long.  Lucky for French Fry Heaven, their fries are actually that good.   They draw crowds across the United States and are the perfect snack or dinner for hungry folk everywhere.  With the addition of their expanded menu in the last few months French Fry Heaven is selling more products than ever before and vying for that top spot in potato stardom.

Troubleshooting | AutoFry Cleaning Guides

Five reasons for cleaning your kitchen equipment

Keeping your kitchen equipment clean might not seem like a huge priority, but did you know you could actually save money by having cleaner equipment?  That’s right, maintaining equipment can actually reduce the lifetime cost of a machine.  But how is that possible, you ask?  Let us dive in to the top five reasons why you should keep your innovative kitchen equipment clean and at the end we’ll give you two AutoFry cleaning pictorial guides for download, the perfect resource for new employees and training procedures.

MTI Blog | What’s Your Chicken Wing Style?

It’s a fact, people love Chicken Wings.  On Super Bowl Sunday alone, Americans eat 1.25 billion wing portions.  That’s 625,000,000 whole wings or 312,500,000 chickens. And that’s just one day of the year!  Why do we love chicken wings so much?  Is it their ability to mesh with just about any flavor combination?  Maybe the finger licking goodness that comes from eating with your hands? or perhaps it’s just the juicy chicken meat that creates raving fans across the globe.  Whatever your reason for loving wings, we’ve created a fun questionnaire for you to find your perfect wing style the next time your craving chicken wings.

Appetizing your Guests | Increase Your Appetizer Sales in Three Easy Steps

How to Increase Appetizer Sales in Three Easy StepsAs the market continues to improve, many diners are once again looking for a more complete dining experience.  Where appetizers and desserts were once ignored, these two prime money makers are yet again popular and it’s time to examine what you are doing to promote the additional appetizer sale.  In this week’s blog we will look at three simple ways you can effectively increase appetizer sales without spending a ton of money!

Count Down the Top Six Pairings of Fried Food and Spirits

Top Six Pairings of Fried Food and SpiritsHere at MTI, home of the AutoFry, we are always experimenting with new foods and recipes, making sure we can provide AutoFry users with the best knowledge for the highest return on investment.  When it comes to fried food (or any food for that matter) you need a beverage that will not only balance your food but also enhance the overall meal.   So we took to the interweb to find the best spirited beverage pairings for some of our favorite fried dishes.  Check out our top picks and feel free to let us know about some of your favorite pairings!