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with the MultiChef Sample Recipe Book

When is comes to the MultiChef oven one of the most common questions we get is “what can you cook in it?”  The truth is, the possibilities are endless.  As a high speed oven, the MultiChef can bake, toast, melt, reheat, and roast, which leaves you to be limited only by your imagination.  That said, we still understand it is nice to have a starting point, which is why we have created the MultiChef sample recipe book.

Recipe | From Scratch Pizza Recipe Baked in the MultiChef

MultiChef Pizza RecipeI have been known to eat just about any pizza that’s put in front of me.  In fact I have a pizza motto: there’s no such thing as a bad pizza, only bad attitudes.  Because let’s be honest, even the worst pizza recipe still includes three of my favorite things: bread, cheese and tomato sauce.  At its most basic level, pizza has everything I could want in a meal and if you do it right, you’ll win my heart forever.  And that’s why this week we’re giving you the inside scoop on making a pizza from scratch using the MultiChef oven.

Recipe | Two Fried Ravioli Recipes for your AutoFry

Recipe for Golden Fried RavioliFried ravioli are a delicious take on a traditional Italian dish and can be as simple or as complex as you’d like them to be.  We love to serve them as an appetizer before pizza, but they also make great snacks, bar food or even a quick lunch option.   Here are two fried ravioli recipes, simple and complex, to add to your appetizer or dessert menu, fried to perfection in your AutoFry, ventless deep fryer.  While this fried ravioli recipe was initially crafted for a cheese filled ravioli, it can easily be adapted to any kind of filling.  Once you get the recipe down we suggest you try other variations, sweet filled ravioli make a wonderful dessert option!

7 Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes | MTI Blog

I've never met a french fry I didn't like | French Fry Quote

7 Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

As you may have guessed, we here at MTI are big fans of the French fry. The AutoFry and MultiChef both have the ability to crisp up some spuds in just a few minutes but our favorite past time is covering those fries in delectable additions. From blue cheese to pulled pork, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite French fry recipes for you to bookmark and make for your next shindig!

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Lessons From IAAPA: Foodservice for Attractions

Foodservice for Attractions

As we wrap up another exciting week at the IAAPA Attractions expo, there are many lessons to be learned from such a huge show. For attractions, the big message we continue to hear from both industry experts and press alike, is that the WHOLE experience matters. When you consider how many options each patron has for their entertainment, you have to know that standing out comes down to experience. Your guests want an experience they can remember for a lifetime, something to take pictures of, post and tweet about, something to share with friends. This is something you need to attack from start to finish, from parking to payment – each touch point you have with your guests should offer them a unique experience, of course this rings especially true for foodservice. When it comes to foodservice for attractions, the experience must be convenient, fresh and memorable. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of that, we’ve round up our best blogs highlighting strategies of foodservice for attractions. Dive in, take a look, and as always, enjoy the experience!

Seven Dipping Sauces that Will Take Any Dish to the Next Level

Dipping Sauce CountdownStarters, small plates, appetizers, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, tapas… call them what you want, but small portions of sharable finger-foods are an MTI staple. With AutoFry, ventless fryer, and MultiChef, high speed oven, we are big fans of appetizers and you can’t have finger food without some sort of dipping sauce. True, a French fry, chicken tender or onion ring tastes great on its own, but pair it with the right dipping sauce and you elevate your dish to the next level AND separate yourself from the overpopulated foodservice crowd. So with that in mind, today we provide you with seven delicious dipping sauces that pair well with just about any appetizer.

Celebrating FRYday with Four Fried Food Trends

Fried Food Trends

Fried foods are one of the few menu items you can always count on as being fan favorites. Despite having a bad rep for being unhealthy, fried foods remain an American favorite, and as the manufacturers for AutoFry, we can’t help but to agree! Because they prevail on menus year after year, fried foods have seen a fair share of trends come and go. Today we look at some of the fried food trends for 2016 and dive into ways you can incorporate them into your own menu. Whether you’re AutoFrying or frying in a traditional hooded setup, these fried food trends are sweeping the nation with their golden, crispy goodness!