What can AutoFry and MultiChef do for your Restaurant?

The restaurant industry is one of the most exciting and fast moving to report on.  From large chains to mom and pop shops, frequency of eating out is back on the rise and National Restaurant Association reports that 2015 marks the sixth consecutive year of real growth in restaurant sales.   While there are more people eating out, there are also more choices for eating out than ever before, so it’s imperative to stay on top of food quality to generate repeat traffic to your location.  Crafting new flavor profiles and perfecting the age-old stand-bys are also crucial to future sales and growth, which means food program planning is key.

How does AutoFry and MultiChef Fit in?

When a consumer decides where to go out for dinner they’re going to have one of two options, try something new or go to a place they’ve been to before. If you want to drive repeat business to your restaurant, a consistent, quality food product is the key component to that equation. People want to know that their time and money spent going out is going to yield quality results. They want to know before even stepping foot into your building that their meal is going to be excellent, otherwise why would they return? When it comes to consistency, the AutoFry and MultiChef reign supreme.

Each AutoFry model is built with SimpliFry™ frying technology, which adjusts fry time and oil temperature to compensate for the amount of food being fried. This means whether you’re frying up one order of fish and chips or five, the output will be the exact same each and every time. A fully enclosed and automated system also ensures that you don’t have to worry about burning product or employees. Our innovative kitchen products are available in a variety of sizings, making them the perfect pairing for restaurants both large and small.

Notes & Quotes from Satisfied Equipment Users:

The Savage Depot

“We are just scratching the surface with regards to the capabilities of the MultiChef.  In our application we are cooking thin crust pizzas, roasting veggies, baking breads, heating & browning sandwiches.  Last night we had some friends at the restaurant for a dinner, these folks own a competing restaurant about 5 miles down the road.  Our friends menu was built around the TurboChef™ and the telling comment from them was this, “we are struggling to figure out how to afford another TurboChef as we simply cannot produce enough through the one oven to meet the peak demands, however, the financial model simply does not work.  We cannot spend 10K for a piece of equipment to get us through some rushes.”  I’m guessing that it is common to compare the TurboChef to the Multi-Chef; however, once you use both of them you quickly realize this is an unfair comparison.  – Jim Lewis The Savage Depot, Savage MN

Creperie Bouchon

“I am happy to claim using the oldest MTI-10 known by the manufacture, 20 years!! Everything as to come to an end, we are growing with still no vent hood system so we are replacing it with a 40E. I wish all my other equipment had such a life span.”  – Michel Baudouin, Chef-Owner, Creperie Bouchon, Asheville, NC

Sample Restaurant Menu:

Cajun BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad($3.96 cost / $7.99 profit)
Leafy green salad topped with savory Cajun chicken, tomato, red onion, pecans and a creamy ranch dressing $11.95

Potato Pizza ($3.24 cost / $6.74 profit)
Potato skins arranged as a pizza covered in three cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, onion and peppers, served with a creamy dipping sauce $9.98

Pepperoni and Spinach Quiche ($2.87 cost / $8.08 profit)
A delicious combination of egg, cheese, pepperoni and spinach nestled in an herbed 
flaky crust $10.95

Open Faced Steak and Cheese Sub ($3.47 cost / $6.51 profit)
Shaved steak, onions and peppers smothered in a house cheese sauce on a toasted bun $9.98

Triple Cheese Burger ($2.04 cost / $8.91 profit)
Juicy Angus 1/4 lb burger cooked to perfection stacked with three kinds of cheese, served with hot fresh fries $10.95

Baked Monterrey Chicken with Roasted Veggies ($3.56 cost / $8.39 profit)
Succulent chicken coated in a Monterrey ranch sauce served with a side of roasted seasonal veggies $11.95