Count Your Profits | How Much Could You Be Making With Ventless Kitchen Equipment?

Count Your Profits - How much could you be making with the addition of ventless kitchen equipment?

At MTI we like to say, plug it in and count your profits. But what does that actually mean? With the MultiChef high speed oven and the AutoFry fully automatic deep fryer, you truly can plug in the machine to start cooking and counting your profits. From fries to chicken wings, you can make a nice profit from some low cost food items coupled with the ventless equipment that MTI offers. Because our machines require zero venting or hoods you don’t need to spend any additional money on hood installation, which means once you’ve paid for your machine you really are ready to make a nice profit!

AutoFry in Action: French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven Recipe - AutoFry in action blogWhen a shop opens and titles themselves French Fry Heaven, they have to be absolutely sure that their product is indeed the best thing you’ve ever tasted.  Because the solid fact is that if it isn’t, consumers will definitely let them know, and furthermore, that business won’t be open for long.  Lucky for French Fry Heaven, their fries are actually that good.   They draw crowds across the United States and are the perfect snack or dinner for hungry folk everywhere.  With the addition of their expanded menu in the last few months French Fry Heaven is selling more products than ever before and vying for that top spot in potato stardom.

The Top Six Food and Wine Pairings



Motion Technology's Food and Wine Pairing List

A really wise sommelier once told me that the best wine is the kind you like to drink.  He went on to say there are plenty of qualities that wine connoisseurs will notice and remark, but at the end of the day you should drink what you like and throw any conventional “winning qualities” to the wind!  So on that note, we’re doing a follow up to our Food and Booze pairing blog, this time we’re focusing on wine pairings and while we encourage you to try out the pairings we’ve picked, feel free to change things up and go with your gut (or you know, whatever you’ve got chilling in the fridge).  Our wine pairing list is just a guide to get you started and maybe shine a light on a wine pairing you may have never thought of.  Enjoy!

Troubleshooting | AutoFry Cleaning Guides

Five reasons for cleaning your kitchen equipment

Keeping your kitchen equipment clean might not seem like a huge priority, but did you know you could actually save money by having cleaner equipment?  That’s right, maintaining equipment can actually reduce the lifetime cost of a machine.  But how is that possible, you ask?  Let us dive in to the top five reasons why you should keep your innovative kitchen equipment clean and at the end we’ll give you two AutoFry cleaning pictorial guides for download, the perfect resource for new employees and training procedures.

Increasing Bar Profits | The Benefits of Adding Food to the Menu

Adding Bar Menu Food to the Mix

Bar profits have long been concentrated on drinks served at the bar, with liquor, beer and wine all having high profit margins on their own. But if you’re looking to increase profits further, it might be time to consider adding food to the bar menu.  A bar food menu can not only increase profits but will also create a more complete experience for guests. With food as an option, patrons are more likely to drink more and stay longer, raising that tab two-fold. Moreover, you can now attract patrons who aren’t looking to drink, adding an entirely new set of patrons to your establishment.   

Of course there are some factors to consider before implementing a food service strategy and promoting your bar food menu. You’ll need to work out a menu concept which is correlated to the type of equipment you’ll have in your kitchen. Today we’ll look at all the factors that go into adding food to your revenue stream and discuss the benefits versus the costs.

Recipe | From Scratch Pizza Recipe Baked in the MultiChef

MultiChef Pizza RecipeI have been known to eat just about any pizza that’s put in front of me.  In fact I have a pizza motto: there’s no such thing as a bad pizza, only bad attitudes.  Because let’s be honest, even the worst pizza recipe still includes three of my favorite things: bread, cheese and tomato sauce.  At its most basic level, pizza has everything I could want in a meal and if you do it right, you’ll win my heart forever.  And that’s why this week we’re giving you the inside scoop on making a pizza from scratch using the MultiChef oven.

MTI Blog | What’s Your Chicken Wing Style?

It’s a fact, people love Chicken Wings.  On Super Bowl Sunday alone, Americans eat 1.25 billion wing portions.  That’s 625,000,000 whole wings or 312,500,000 chickens. And that’s just one day of the year!  Why do we love chicken wings so much?  Is it their ability to mesh with just about any flavor combination?  Maybe the finger licking goodness that comes from eating with your hands? or perhaps it’s just the juicy chicken meat that creates raving fans across the globe.  Whatever your reason for loving wings, we’ve created a fun questionnaire for you to find your perfect wing style the next time your craving chicken wings.

25th Anniversary | MTI Celebrates 25 Years of Ventless Technology

Happy 25th Anniversary to Motion Technology, Inc. Celebrating 25 years of Ventless Kitchen Solutions.1990 was a great year.  Macaulay Culkin was slapping his face with aftershave in the iconic Home Alone scene, Madonna was in Vogue, MC Hammer was rocking parachute pants and Air-walks, Will Smith signed on with NBC for a sitcom about a street smart teenager from West Philadelphia who moves to his rich uncle’s home in Bel-Air, but best of all Motion Technology was founded and the first AutoFry was produced.  That’s right, 2015 marks our 25th anniversary, and we couldn’t be prouder.  Our silver jubilee is a great reminder of all the advances made in the way of ventless kitchen solutions and a great excuse to celebrate with all of our customers.

Troubleshooting | AutoFry Basket Height Adjustment

One of the more common technical support calls we get on a daily basis is for an AutoFry basket error.   You might be having this issue if your basket isn’t dumping the food all the way or you see an AO4 error code displayed on the keypad display.  Luckily, the fix for this problem is very simple, and requires nothing more than a large crescent wrench and a little elbow grease.  If you’re having one of these issues, read on for a step by step guide to adjusting your AutoFry basket height or watch the video at the end of the post.

Acceptable Basket Height for AutoFry