TRICK OR TREAT: Creating a Spooktacular Halloween Foodservice Promotion

Halloween Foodservice Promotional IdeasHalloween is one of those holidays that people either love or hate. It certainly doesn’t have the same appeal as Christmas or Thanksgiving, so for many it’s just an excuse to stock up on 50% off candy November 1st. But as a Halloweenaholic, I’m here to tell you there are plenty of reasons to celebrate just a little bit harder than years passed. As one of the only holidays that isn’t built around the dinner table or backyard grill, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create foodservice promotions to increase sales. Best of all, because it’s such a fun and creative holiday, you are limited only by your own imagination — which, if you’re still feeling limited, read on as I walk you through a couple of my personal favorite foodservice promotion ideas.

On the Road Again: Taking it to the Trade Show

As an equipment manufacturer, we often have customers requesting to see our machines live in action, so they can really see how the machine works and how great the food output truly is. Frequently we find current customers who are so thrilled with our products they will allow potential customers to come into their kitchen and watch the machines live. In other cases we can meet with customers at one of our many trade show exhibits across the country. From east to west coast, the AutoFry and MultiChef ovens get around and this October and November you can check out our equipment at the NACS Show in Las Vegas and IAAPA show in Florida.

Equipment Maintenance Tips: MultiChef Cleaning Guide

Equipment Maintenance 101Every foodservice operator knows that one of the worst things they can hear an employee say is “the machine’s down!” Three simple words that weigh heavily on the day’s potential profits. Even just one piece of kitchen equipment down can cause a huge shift in what is available on your food menu. Worse yet, you risk the potential for a negative customer experience for the consumer who came in for that ONE SPECIAL menu item that you can no longer prepare with your machine down. The good news is, with proper equipment maintenance you can help prevent costly breakdowns, disgruntled patrons and lost revenue. Today we’re going to look at some pro-tips for equipment maintenance and share an easy guide for maintaining your MultiChef so you can keep your oven in top shape.

Headed to Host

Headed to HOST Blog HeaderWe’re headed to HOST. Every two years something special comes along to the MTI events lineup. We do a ton of national and regional trade shows throughout the year, but every other year we have the chance to attend something on a global scale. In just a month we will be headed out to Milan, Italy for the world’s leading expo for food service, HOST.

AutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon

What do you get when you take a winning casual restaurant concept, fresh locally sourced ingredients and pair it with a secluded courtyard on a busy street in North Carolina? Crêperie Bouchon, of course! Locally called “the best crepe secret in town,” this Asheville, NC favorite is serving up fresh crepes, salads, sandwiches and fries in a dog-friendly, romantic European cafe setting. Let’s check out the AutoFry in Action at Crêperie Bouchon and see what makes this back alley location so special.

AutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon - Image of Signage

Global Food: Fries Around the World

Map of Fry Variations from around the world

Have you been dreaming of taking a trip across the globe? We have too, but probably not for the same reasons! We’re dying to try fries around the world. French Fries, Chips, Poutine, Pommes Frites, we don’t care what you want to call them, we’ve got our napkins and forks ready to dive in! This week’s blog is completely devoted to fries around the world. We’re looking at eight of the most popular variations of the fried potato across the globe and with any luck we’ll get to taste them all before the end of the millennia!

Convenience Stores: Standing Out Against the Competition

Convenience Store Promo

In today’s hyper-competitive convenience store world, you need an edge over your competition. Something to drive the customers through your doors and keep them coming back for more. Fried food is an excellent solution for setting yourself apart from the microwave-crowd, while creating something cravable your customers will LOVE.

CSP named foodservice the most profitable category in their 2015 State of the Industry report, attributing prepared foods with the bulk of the category’s growth. With such high profit margins, fried foods will not only increase your bottom line, but also make you a one stop destination for consumer convenience.

This week on the blog, we’re sharing our new convenience store focused fry solution video.  We’ll highlight the benefits of adding prepared fried foods to your food service offerings and how AutoFry can make it easy for you. From the moment you plug AutoFry in, you’ll be making delicious fried food without the hassle of vents, extensive training, or hiring a fry clerk. Anyone can operate AutoFry in just three simple steps and maintenance is minimal. Fully-automated, AutoFry is so self-sufficient you’ll feel like you’ve added a new employee to your team!

The Perfect Pair: AutoFry and MultiChef

The Perfect Pair: AutoFry and MultiChef Header

Here at MTI, we’re proud to be an all in one solution for commercial kitchen outfitting. Our two staple products, AutoFry and MultiChef are the perfect pair when it comes to building a full menu because between the pair you can bake, fry, sear, roast, toast, melt and reheat! With so many cooking options, you are only limited by your own imagination. So with that in mind, lets dive into some of the best food pairings to make your menu well rounded and enticing to customers.

25 Years Later: Celebrating MTI’s 25th Anniversary with a Look Back

25 Years Later, Reflection Blog Post on MTI's 25 Years in businessIf you haven’t already heard, 2015 marks MTI’s 25th Anniversary of business. 25 memorable years of ventless innovation and implementation of creative solutions. Our goal has been and will continue to be striving for excellence in both quality and service, which is why we’ve made so many changes in our 25 years in business. Changes to our machines, changes to our offices, changes within the food equipment and ventless industries… it’s all seemed to happen so fast and yet nothing happened over night. So today we take a look back at what 25 years has meant not only for our company, but also for the industry as a whole.

Driving Sales: Food Truck Menu Mania

Food truck menu mania, blog post title

If we had to pick one trend right now as our favorite, it would easily be the food truck craze. Food trucks are one of the most fun parts of the food service spectrum because food truck menus are often experiential, and driven by the customers ordering from them. Think back to fifteen years ago when all you could get out of a truck was a sausage or an ice cream bar. Now, food truck menus can include just about anything from gourmet grilled cheese to Korean barbecue to deep fried oreos!

In honor of our favorite trend, we’re devoting this week’s blog to the food truck menu! We’re going to look at some of the popular food truck menus across the country and give suggestions on how you can adapt them into a menu of your own. By the end of this post, you’ll be searching for your next street food stop.