Reviewing the 2016 Foodservice Trend Predictions

2016 Foodservice TrendsHard to believe that we are one week away from the New Year, but here I sit, reflecting on the 2016 foodservice trend forecast. This year’s predictions are pretty solid across the board featuring only a couple surprises and a couple foodservice trends we saw making waves in 2015. Today we will share a few of the 2016 foodservice trends that are our favorite and a leafy green trend from 2015 we are happy to say adios to!

Twelve Days of Christmas with Motion Technology

Twelve Days of Christmas with Motion Technology

This week we’ve been singing the twelve days of Christmas – but our lyrics are probably a little different than you’re used to. For instance, we got rid of the partridge in a pear tree (because really, who want’s one of those, let alone one of those for each of the twelve days of Christmas!) and swapped in an AutoFry cleaning kit – one of our best selling items on the AutoFry Webstore. Today, we reveal our full 12 items for Christmas, what they’re good for and where you can get them!

AutoFry in Action: Jungle Zone

I believe Axl Rose said it best, “Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and games” and while at the time he was not singing about Florida favorite, Jungle Zone, he certainly described the kids play land perfectly. Jungle Zone is an affordable, safe, family fun play place for children 12 and under. Known throughout Lake County, FL as a unique location to beat the heat and let the kids burn off some steam, Jungle Zone is this week’s AutoFry in Action spotlight.

Jungle Zone, Store front - AutoFry in Action Spotlight blog

Rebate Partner Spotlight: Golden Dipt

Golden Dipt BannerMake it fresh. Make it yours. Make it Golden Dipt. There is something to be said about a crisp, fresh fried, tasty morsel of chicken. Not that frozen chicken tenders are something to complain about, but trends are increasingly in favor of fresh made, never frozen foods. This year alone the Nation’s Restaurant News published two pro-fresh frying articles (found here and here), saying, “this is not a fad, it’s a trend. It will continue to have staying power.” Which is why we knew we had to find a suitable partner to make AutoFrying fresh food simple and easy to complete. So without further ado, let’s meet our newest rebate partner: Golden Dipt.

Giving Thanks: Five Foodservice Trends We're Thankful For in 2015

MTI Wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving comes but once a year, and as a food service equipment manufacturer, you bet this our favorite holiday. Gathering around the table with family and friends, having the chance to share in a meal and give thanks to all the wonderful parts of life. From the sound of twittering birds to delicious gravy grandma prepared, there is much to be thankful for in 2015. Today we look at some of the foodservice trends we are most thankful for in 2015 and how they will continue to influence and shape our industry in 2016.

MultiChef Recipe: Thanksgiving Appetizers

MultiChef Recipe Blog HeaderWow! Hard to believe that it’s almost the end of November and Thanksgiving is next week. This year sure has flown by and we’re ready to pig out next Thursday. For this weeks blog, we thought it might be fun to modify three thanksgiving appetizer recipes for MultiChef. Each recipe will have reduced MultiChef cook times, perfect for serving as specials next week to your customers looking to jump start their holiday. So lets jump right in to these great MultiChef recipes.

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen MTI Blog PostFoodservice has greatly evolved over the last ten years. From actual offerings to whose offering it we’ve evolved into a constant feeding frenzy – none of which I am complaining about. As a generation of busy people, we’ve come to expect food at every corner so we can grab it exactly when we need it. All this evolution in ready made food has brought forward an interesting and sometimes challenging trend: small kitchen spaces. Across the globe, foodservice operators are looking at new and different ways to make their small commercial kitchen space work for their business. Today we’re going to look at some of the ways you can maximize your small kitchen space and make more with less space.

Thrilling Guests WIth Food: The Benefits of an Attraction Foodservice Program

Attraction Foodservice

Amusement facilities and attractions come in all shapes and sizes, from large scale amusement parks, to small mom and pop bowling lanes, to zoos and state parks. And while size may be a varience among them, they all share a common goal of providing interactive entertainment to the masses and bringing joy to each person who walks through their entrance. One method to bringing consumer happiness that is often overlooked by businesses is quality attraction foodservice.

Adding food and beverage can often seem like a big undertaking due to the complexities of installation and implementation. But with a well thought out action plan, any size operation can be outfitted for attraction foodservice. When done right, food and beverage can supply the second largest stream of revenue for an attraction. Of course there are some factors to consider before implementing a food service strategy and promoting your new food menu. Today we will look at those factors and discuss the benefits versus the costs. Read on for a free download of our guide to attraction foodservice success.

Millennial Snacking – A Millennial's Perspective on the Snacking Trend

Millennial Snacking TrendsI don’t often write blogs from my personal point of view as generally speaking it’s not relevant to the information we share with you, our readers, customers and fans. But increasingly millennial mania is taking over my news feeds, my twitter trending topics and it’s all I read about in industry magazines, so it may just be time for some first person point of views and sharing about why the trends are the way they are. So today we look at Millennial Snacking from a millennial’s point of view. As the resident MTI Millennial, a 26 year old, I feel fully able to give you a millennially biased point of view, kidding, I’ll try and stay unbiased by my millennial brain.

International Foodservice Trends Expected to see at HOST

International Foodservice Trends in 2015

As we head off to HOST this October MTI is gearing up for a week of amazing networking opportunity and international foodservice trend setting and watching. Shows of this size are great for getting a better grasp on the overall picture of our industry and determining the next innovations to pursue. Of course it’s great to do some research beforehand too, so this week we’re dedicating the blog to international foodservice trends to watch for. These are the trends shaping the future of equipment, technology and food, so they are not to be overlooked as valuable areas for development.