The Updated MultiChef Recipe Guide: Where Speed Meets Ease

Making a Menu with MultiChef

In today’s blog, you’ll see the MultiChef advantage as we walk you through the recipe building process. Making your menu high speed shouldn’t be difficult, our comprehensive guide will give you an overview of the variables that go into high speed cooking so you can make the best choices when adding new menu items to your line up. PLUS we’ll get you started on the right foot with a brand new MultiChef Recipe Guide, jam packed with over 50 recipes!

Learning About Convenience Foodservice from the Godfather

C-Store White Paper HeaderWhen you get to spend two days with some of the biggest names in convenience stores, you learn a thing or two. When you get to have a one on one conversations with THE GODFATHER of convenience foodservice, you learn a thing or five. Jerry Wiener, the often regarded as the Godfather of Convenience Foodservice, spent some time at the Convenience Foodservice Exchange show this past week. We had the opportunity to chat with him and catch his presentation to get real insights to the growing trends and problems the convenience store realm faces. Today we’ll give you a run down on what you need to know from the Godfather!

See you at the 2016 NACS Show!

Meet MTI at the 2016 NACS Show

Where can you meet over 23 THOUSAND convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals in a four-day, buying, selling, learning and networking event? Of course, that would be at the 2016 NACS show in Atlanta, Georgia this October! We’re gearing up for the the NACS show and we’re ready to show off some new products in addition to the equipment you already know and love. Will you be at the 2016 NACS Show? Read on to learn more about the show and why you should attend!

Why do French Fries Smell SO Good? | The Science Behind the Scent

Why do french fries smell so good?

You’re sitting at your desk, it’s about 12:15 and you’ve yet to take your lunch break, you’re stomach growls. In strolls your coworker, and they’ve brought back their lunch to eat at their desk. And then it hits you: that smell, that glorious, mouthwatering, cravable, smell. It’s salty, sweet and perhaps even nutty. They’ve got French fries with their lunch and they’d better be prepared to share because now the entire office’s mouths are watering because the French fries smell SO good.  

Let’s face it, French fries have a uniquely strong and delicious smell. If I’m being honest, the smell of fresh French fries is what I imagine heaven smells like, and up there the calories don’t count either! What is it that makes French fries smell so good? Turns out, there is some research behind the fried spud smell that everyone craves and today we’re diving in with a little science lesson!

Cooking in MultiChef | Three Meals in Seven Minutes

Cooking in MultiChef | Three Meals in Seven Minutes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with over a third of all Americans eating breakfast away from home, it should also be an important strategy in your foodservice plan. Cooking in MultiChef oven is easy and makes breakfast simple for both operators and customers. Best of all, because cooking in MultiChef requires no microwaves you can prepare multiple meal options at the same time. This allows for speedier service without ever sacrificing food quality. Today we have a quick video time-lapse that shows how you can prepare three breakfast menu items in MultiChef all at the same time!

Seven Dipping Sauces that Will Take Any Dish to the Next Level

Dipping Sauce CountdownStarters, small plates, appetizers, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, tapas… call them what you want, but small portions of sharable finger-foods are an MTI staple. With AutoFry, ventless fryer, and MultiChef, high speed oven, we are big fans of appetizers and you can’t have finger food without some sort of dipping sauce. True, a French fry, chicken tender or onion ring tastes great on its own, but pair it with the right dipping sauce and you elevate your dish to the next level AND separate yourself from the overpopulated foodservice crowd. So with that in mind, today we provide you with seven delicious dipping sauces that pair well with just about any appetizer.

Is AutoFry the Right Match for you?

AutoFry Match Profile

This week, we have a little fun and take a unique approach to learning more about AutoFry. As the leading ventless fryer on the market, AutoFry has a reputation for reliability, safety and affordability that is unparalleled in the kitchen solutions industry. Because each kitchen equipment purchase should be made with great care and consideration, we know that you want to find the right match for you. So, today we look at AutoFry from a first person point of view, as a dating profile. You’ll get an idea of what makes AutoFry unique and how it best fits with your foodservice strategy.

MultiChef Recipe: Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwhich

Chicken Bacon Ranch RecipeWorking for an Motion Technology, the maker of the Autofry, the leading ventless deep fryer for over 25 years, people always say to me, “I bet you eat fried food all the time, right?!” And the honest answer is no! While we do cook in office, it’s usually while testing new products or trends in our kitchen and showroom, and that’s limited (usually!) to just a taste. But the recipe I have for you today, I have to be honest, I would eat every day. It’s not fried, in fact it was prepared in under 5 minutes in our MultiChef high speed oven, and folks – it’s delicious. The delightful, classic Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich has always been one of my favorites, and when you can make it in less time than it takes to listen to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, it instantly becomes an all-star at the MTI café. So today, I’ll share with you our easy Chicken Bacon Ranch recipe and a few MultiChef cooking tips along the way, so you can cook with confidence.

Thoughts on Throughput: How to Improve Throughput at your Business

Thoughts on Throughput

Growing up, as a millennial, one of my favorite mantras has always been, ‘work smarter, not harder.’ And when you think about all the qualities that make up a millennial, it makes sense that the idea of doing things with less, amounting at the same output, is so appealing. We want everything to happen instantly, so if we can cut down the total time or energy it takes to complete something, we flock to it. This is one of the basic components to throughput: reducing the amount of time it takes to produce a final product.

Five Ways to Increase Concession Profits

It’s no secret that concession sales are crucial to a movie theater to survive and remain profitable. Considering that, on average, concessions profits account for 40% of a theater’s profits, it’s imperative to have a solid concessions strategy to ensure long term business success. But unlike happy endings, a concessions sales strategy is not it’s not always easy to come by, and sometimes we need to edit and even consider a reboot to find the right strategy for today’s customer. So today we break down that fourth wall and focus on five solid ways to increase concession profits at your theater.