Appetizing your Guests | Increase Your Appetizer Sales in Three Easy Steps

How to Increase Appetizer Sales in Three Easy StepsAs the market continues to improve, many diners are once again looking for a more complete dining experience.  Where appetizers and desserts were once ignored, these two prime money makers are yet again popular and it’s time to examine what you are doing to promote the additional appetizer sale.  In this week’s blog we will look at three simple ways you can effectively increase appetizer sales without spending a ton of money!

Recipe | Two Fried Ravioli Recipes for your AutoFry

Recipe for Golden Fried RavioliFried ravioli are a delicious take on a traditional Italian dish and can be as simple or as complex as you’d like them to be.  We love to serve them as an appetizer before pizza, but they also make great snacks, bar food or even a quick lunch option.   Here are two fried ravioli recipes, simple and complex, to add to your appetizer or dessert menu, fried to perfection in your AutoFry, ventless deep fryer.  While this fried ravioli recipe was initially crafted for a cheese filled ravioli, it can easily be adapted to any kind of filling.  Once you get the recipe down we suggest you try other variations, sweet filled ravioli make a wonderful dessert option!

7 Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes | MTI Blog

I've never met a french fry I didn't like | French Fry Quote

7 Over the Top(pings) French Fry Recipes

As you may have guessed, we here at MTI are big fans of the French fry. The AutoFry and MultiChef both have the ability to crisp up some spuds in just a few minutes but our favorite past time is covering those fries in delectable additions. From blue cheese to pulled pork, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite French fry recipes for you to bookmark and make for your next shindig!

The MultiChef Advantage | The Little High Speed Oven Offering Big Results

The MultiChef Advantage | Setting the Standard for High Speed Ovens

What is the MultiChef Advantage?

Today we look at how microwaves effect high speed oven food quality and why the MultiChef does not use them.  When it comes to food quality and your customer’s valuable time, microwaves are slowing you down and providing lack luster output.  Say goodbye to soggy crust with the MultiChef, the powerful little high speed oven offering big results across the globe.

Movie Theater Concessions: Dinner at the movies gaining popularity over dinner and a movie

Popcorn, candy and soda have always been fan favorites at movie theater concessions stands, but with ticket sales declining and entertainment options within the home growing, movie theater operators are looking for new revenue options and premium concessions via food service shines as one of the most profitable ancillary revenue streams.  Today we’ll look at trends in the theater and how you can include dinner at the movies into your strategy for 2015.


Movie Theater Concessions Header - is it time to upgrade your Movie Concession Offerings?

Maintaining Fryer Oil: Fryer Oil Maintenance Infographic

Fryer oil maintenance is critical to the quality of your food and the condition of your equipment. This week we’re taking a look at why fryer oil maintenance should be a top priority and how you can easily maintain your fryer oil in five easy steps.  The infographic below illustrates the importance of fryer oil maintenance and simple signs to watch for to let you know it’s time for an oil change.

Count Down the Top Six Pairings of Fried Food and Spirits

Top Six Pairings of Fried Food and SpiritsHere at MTI, home of the AutoFry, we are always experimenting with new foods and recipes, making sure we can provide AutoFry users with the best knowledge for the highest return on investment.  When it comes to fried food (or any food for that matter) you need a beverage that will not only balance your food but also enhance the overall meal.   So we took to the interweb to find the best spirited beverage pairings for some of our favorite fried dishes.  Check out our top picks and feel free to let us know about some of your favorite pairings!

AutoFry in Action: Pink’s Hot Dogs

Anyone that has ever been to Hollywood has probably made a visit to the local landmark and internationally famous, Pink’s Hot Dogs.

For 75 years customers have been driving to Pink’s for hot dogs, burgers and fries.  Celebrity fans of Pink’s include Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, and even Food Network stars, Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay.  Beloved actress, Betty White even ahs her own signature hot dog available at Pink’s, The Betty White NAKED Dog.

But what makes Pink’s Hot Dogs’ menu so special?

The answer to that depends on who you ask…