Why do French Fries Smell SO Good? | The Science Behind the Scent

Why do french fries smell so good?

You’re sitting at your desk, it’s about 12:15 and you’ve yet to take your lunch break, you’re stomach growls. In strolls your coworker, and they’ve brought back their lunch to eat at their desk. And then it hits you: that smell, that glorious, mouthwatering, cravable, smell. It’s salty, sweet and perhaps even nutty. They’ve got French fries with their lunch and they’d better be prepared to share because now the entire office’s mouths are watering because the French fries smell SO good.  

Let’s face it, French fries have a uniquely strong and delicious smell. If I’m being honest, the smell of fresh French fries is what I imagine heaven smells like, and up there the calories don’t count either! What is it that makes French fries smell so good? Turns out, there is some research behind the fried spud smell that everyone craves and today we’re diving in with a little science lesson!