The Secret to CStore Success? Increasing Convenience Store Frequency

Increasing CStore Customer Frequency

As a convenience store operator, there are few things that should be more important than driving repeat business from customers. We all want our customers to have a positive experience that encourages customer loyalty and inevitably another visit down the road. Increasing convenience store frequency is imperative if you’re focused on raising profits. On average, frequent shoppers only account for 15% of a business’s customer base, but that 15% accounts for at least 1/3 of all your revenue. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why increasing convenience store frequency can greatly impact your bottom line. So today we’ll give you some solid tips on how you can engage your customers and start to improve your customers’ convenience store frequency of shopping!

Celebrating National Hamburger Month with Hamburger History

Hamburger History - How it came to be and a hamburger recipe for AutoFry

The almighty hamburger, when cooked just right, is juicy, packed with flavor, and easy to eat. Which is no wonder why it’s one of America’s favorite foods and we devote an entire month to it! That’s right, May is National Hamburger Month, and while we’re not exactly sure why burgers need a whole month long celebration, we’re certainly not upset about it! So today, let’s look at some hamburger history, how burgers grew to American fame and at the end of the post we’ll give you the recipe for preparing burgers with your AutoFry. “Wait, AutoFry can make burgers?!” Why yes, yes it can! So read on my friends, this is bound to be a tasty blog!

AutoFry Troubleshooting | 3 Golden Rules for Fryer Success

3 Golden Rules to Fryer Success

With any piece of equipment there is always a list of do’s and don’ts to keep the equipment in good working order. Do change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, don’t press the gas and brake pedal at the same time. Do wash your blender after every use, don’t operate without the cover securely placed. Similarly for AutoFry, we have a short list, our golden rules to success, and today we’re going to share them with you. Just three easy principals that will lead to long machine life, great tasting food and less chance of machine breakdown. Of course, there are more than just three principals to managing any machine, and we highly encourage you to read through your owner’s manual before operating and refer to our troubleshooting guide should you need additional assistance.

On the Road Again: NRA and IDDBA Trade Show Around the Corner

MTI Trade Show Lineup for Spring

As the equipment manufacturer for two of the most in-demand foodservice equipment products, we often have customers requesting to see our machines in person. Most customers are looking for a demonstration of how machine works and how great the food output truly is.

Quite often, we’ll find current customers who are so thrilled with our products they will allow new potential customers to come into their kitchen and watch the machine live. In other cases we meet with customers at one of our many trade show exhibits across the country. From east to west coast, the AutoFry and MultiChef ovens get around and this May and June you can check out our equipment at the NRA show in Chicago and the IDDBA show in Houston!