MultiChef Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings

MultiChef Baked Wing Recipe

Quite often we talk about AutoFry being the King of Chicken Wings, but did you know that MultiChef can also produce delicious baked chicken wings in under ten minutes? The difference between fried and baked chicken wings is huge in terms of crunch, speed, and perceived health benefits. So today we step back from the deep fryer and crown the MultiChef, high speed oven, the unofficial King of Baked Chicken Wings. There is of course some finesse when it comes to making the tastiest wings in town, so tie on those aprons, preheat your MultiChef and lets dive into this week’s recipe. We’re making deliciously sweet, Sticky Maple Soy Baked Chicken Wings, a recipe straight from my own kitchen, modified for the high speed baking power of the MultiChef oven.

Food Safety 101: Putting the Pieces Together

Food Safety 101

With industry leader, Chipotle, recently facing a string of food safety nightmares, there is no better time than today to look at your food safety practices. We all would love to make headlines, but never because someone got sick in our shop! SO today we discuss the real costs of a food safety mishap and what we can do to prevent them. Simple strategies like better hand washing procedures or serving condiments in their original containers as opposed to little cups, can lead to an overall better customer experience and reduce the chance of a food borne-illness outbreak.

Service 101: Programming AutoFry Presets

Service 101 - Programming AutoFry Presets

Service 101: Programming AutoFry Presets

One of my favorite things about our AutoFry, ventless deep fryer, is that it is so simple to use. Seriously if you can operate a microwave you can operate AutoFry. Just like the old infomercial, you can set it and forget it, and that is the real beauty of AutoFry, that you don’t need a fry cook to perfectly fry food. You just need the fully automated, fully ventless AutoFry. One of the features that makes AutoFry so simple and easy to use is that you can program it with a series of presets. This means instead of manually entering in a cook time, you just choose the preset and hit start – AutoFry will do the rest. Today we’re going to walk you through the process of programming AutoFry presets, you can either follow the instructions below, or watch our short video that walks you through the process.

Lead the Lenten Pack: Four Easy Marketing Tips for Your Restaurant’s Lent Menu

Four Easy Marketing Tips for Your Restaurant’s Lent Menu

The months of February and March mark the days of Lent for many Catholics across the country and is the perfect time to develop a Lent menu for your business. According to Datassential, 26% of all consumers observe Lent and 41% of those consumers eat fish on Fridays instead of meat. So if meatless offerings aren’t on your menu, you’re missing out big time! In today’s blog we have four easy marketing tips to promote your restaurant’s Lent menu and drive some meatless sales this season.