Seven Unique Pizza Recipes with Pizzazz

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7 Unique Pizza Recipes with Pizzazz

Pizza is one of the few things most will agree on when it comes to dinner. Whether you like pepperoni, veggies or just cheese, pizza is loved by foodies everywhere. So much so that 1,260,000 slices of pizza are eaten every hour… That’s 21,000 slices per minute OR 350 slices every second! In fact, by the time you’re done reading this blog over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND slices of pizza will have been consumed. That’s a lot of pizza, and while most of it (4 out of every 10 pizzas to be exact) will be topped with pepperoni, today we’re looking at some unique pizza recipes to integrate into your menu. Why should you offer unique pizza recipes? For starters you set yourself apart from the competition, but you’ll also have the opportunity to build a cult following on a recipe should it be deemed worthy by the masses. After all, the Hawaiian pizza craze had to start somewhere! So let’s dig in to seven deliciously unique pizza recipes in this week’s blog.