The Top Six Food and Wine Pairings



Motion Technology's Food and Wine Pairing List

A really wise sommelier once told me that the best wine is the kind you like to drink.  He went on to say there are plenty of qualities that wine connoisseurs will notice and remark, but at the end of the day you should drink what you like and throw any conventional “winning qualities” to the wind!  So on that note, we’re doing a follow up to our Food and Booze pairing blog, this time we’re focusing on wine pairings and while we encourage you to try out the pairings we’ve picked, feel free to change things up and go with your gut (or you know, whatever you’ve got chilling in the fridge).  Our wine pairing list is just a guide to get you started and maybe shine a light on a wine pairing you may have never thought of.  Enjoy!