Increasing Bar Profits | The Benefits of Adding Food to the Menu

Adding Bar Menu Food to the Mix

Bar profits have long been concentrated on drinks served at the bar, with liquor, beer and wine all having high profit margins on their own. But if you’re looking to increase profits further, it might be time to consider adding food to the bar menu.  A bar food menu can not only increase profits but will also create a more complete experience for guests. With food as an option, patrons are more likely to drink more and stay longer, raising that tab two-fold. Moreover, you can now attract patrons who aren’t looking to drink, adding an entirely new set of patrons to your establishment.   

Of course there are some factors to consider before implementing a food service strategy and promoting your bar food menu. You’ll need to work out a menu concept which is correlated to the type of equipment you’ll have in your kitchen. Today we’ll look at all the factors that go into adding food to your revenue stream and discuss the benefits versus the costs.